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Clutch Pro has a solution for Nissan Navara owners...

Clutch Pro has now released a Single-Mass Conversion Kit to suit the late model Nissan Navara 140KW model.

The newly developed Clutch and Flywheel Package by Clutch Pro allows those who've purchased the late model Nissan Navara to convert the Flywheel from the factory fitted Dual-Mass Flywheel to a Single-Mass Flywheel.

Clutch Pro, under the Australian Clutch Services banner has already released into the marketplace a replacement Clutch Kit and Dual-Mass Flywheel but with punishing Navara owners wanting to go one step further, Clutch Pro developed the Single-Mass Flywheel Conversion Kit (SMF) for the diesel model.

Using their in-house hoist, as a critical part of their research and development program, ACS has developed an SMF Kit designed for towing and everyday street use. Each Kit has a Pressure Plate, Sprung Organic Clutch Plate, Thrust Bearing, Spigot Bush, Clutch Aligning Tool and a Single-Mass Flywheel.

Part Number - KNI28518

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