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Aftermarket: Replacement parts or components that are not manufactured by the original manufacturer

ARP: World-leading manufacturer of Bolts and Fasteners

Bearing Load: The load transmitted to the relase bearing on clutch engagement (Kg's)

Clamping Force: The load on the Pressure Plate on clutch engagement and disengagement (Kg's)

CSC: Concentric Slave Cylinder intenral to the gearbox

DCT - Dual Clutch Transmission: This is found in many late model cars, this allows for a quicker, smoother change between gears. Click here for more information.

DMF - Dual Mass Flywheel: This type of flywheel is fitted by some manufacturers. The flywheel aids in absorbing any engine and gearbox noise and vibration ensuring for a smoother drive. Click here for more information.

Friction: The material surface on a clutch plate / disc is often referred to as the friction surface, this is what makes first contact with the flywheel surface and thre pressure plate casting.

ISO9001:2008 - This is a third party certification recognising that a supplier, retailer or company is adhering to the quality management systems put in place.

OE: Original Equipment

Pedal effort: Used to describe the pedal travel during engagement of a clutch

Pedal feel: Used to describe the pedal on clutch engagement, under the foot.

Pressure Plate lift: When the pressure plate lifts the casting (When the clutch pedal is engaged)

SAC / Self adjusting clutch: The Self-adjusting clutch adjusts during the clutch life to compensate for clutch plate thickness and wear

SFI: The SFI Foundation certifies, tests and administers standards for the automotive industry to adhere to.

Single Mass Flywheel Conversion: The Single Mass Flywheel conversion is an option when replacing a vehicle which had a Dual-Mass Flywheel fitted by the manufacturer.

Torque: Torque is a measure of the turning force on an object such a bolt or flywheel.

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