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Sometimes it’s OK to be different!

With today’s technologies forever evolving, ACS and Clutch Pro have implemented many product changes to improve driver comfort and customer satisfaction. Here are some examples.

Self Aligning Release Bearings

  • Self-aligning bearings are designed to contact the clutch diaphragm or release fingers and align itself to the clutch centre.
  • They can also help in the reduction of eccentricities between the engine crankshaft and the transmission input shaft during rotation. 
  • The bearings have been designed to reduce noise and vibration during operation.
  • Self-aligning bearings reduce diaphragm lever tip wear by evenly distributing the clutch release load.

Finger Height Variations

  • Clutch covers may differ between different manufacturers.
  • When identifying the difference between samples it's important all variations in finger heights are benchmarked in the “installed” position. This is taken with the new clutch disc mounted and the clutch cover torqued to the flywheel.

Diaphragm Clutch Covers vs Lever and Coil Spring

  • Diaphragm clutch covers are an upgrade from the traditional lever and coil spring clutch cover.
  • Diaphragm Benefits include...
  • Reduced pedal effort
  • Smoother engagement
  • Higher clamping force

SAC Clutch v’s Non-SAC Clutch

  • The self-adjusting clutch (SAC) was introduced to improve driver comfort, however a Non-SAC clutch may be a cost effective measure for many motor vehicles.
  • SAC Benefits include...
  •  Consistent pedal feel
  • Reduced maintenance on the clutch actuation parts
  • (Clutch free travel)
  • NON-SAC Benefits include...
  • Mainly used in performance based applications.
  • Cheaper alternative to a SAC.

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