ACS Release Grand Vitara SMF Conversion Kit

Australian Clutch Services have recently launched a single mass flywheel conversion kit to suit the Suzuki Grand Vitara 1.9L turbo diesel. The kit comes complete with a replacement pressure plate, sprung organic friction disc, concentric slave cylinder and specially designed single mass flywheel to replace the factory dual mass unit. The kit also includes accessories such as flywheel bolts, spigot bearing and alignment tool.

The single mass conversion has been developed to replace the dual mass version available in the later models from factory. “The Grand Vitara 1.9L came out with two different clutch and flywheel setups depending on year of manufacture.” Explains Stewart Furze, Australian Clutch Services Mechanical Engineer, “The vehicle came with a dual mass flywheel in later model vehicles and a single mass flywheel in earlier models.” Australian Clutch Services have offered the single mass conversion as a cost-effective replacement kit for vehicles requiring a dual mass flywheel.

“Our new single mass flywheel conversion kit to suit the Suzuki Grand Vitara offers excellent value and is the ideal solution for vehicle owners looking to replace the clutch kit in their vehicle but not wanting the added cost of a replacement dual mass flywheel.” Says Mr Furze. ACS state that the kit retains very close to factory levels of noise and vibration, with only a slight increase in the noise transmitted through to the vehicle’s cabin due to the reduced dampening effect. The kit also offers the same level of driveability to OE. “Our single mass flywheel conversions are always designed to limit the side effects of these conversions and we put an enormous amount of research and development into each of the kits to ensure they offer the best quality alternative to the factory setup” explains Mr Furze.

Australian Clutch Services offer a wide range of flywheels with replacement kits under their ClutchPro banner. “We offer both dual mass flywheels and single mass flywheel conversions in our range to ensure the customer has the option to purchase a conversion if they prefer.” Explains Mr Furze, “We have refined our conversions after decades of experience in developing heavy duty upgrades for 4x4 and passenger car and have applied these designs to our ClutchPro standard replacement range.”

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