ACS Introduces Clutch Tech Troubleshooting Guide

We are pleased to announce the addition of the Clutch Tech Troubleshooting Guide to the ACS website. The new guide has been designed to provide a source of information for diagnosing a clutch fault and provides information on how best to remedy common vehicle issues such as worn components and incorrect setup.

“We regularly have mechanics calling us for advice on how best to solve a fault in their clutch system, whether it be a badly worn component, a hydraulics issue or a setup issue. Our troubleshooting guide allows the mechanic or distributor to find the best course of action to solve the vehicle fault and helps them to determine which replacement parts they require for a successful repair.” Explains Australian Clutch Services managing director, Brenton Jordan, “The guide will be extremely helpful for mechanics who have received a vehicle that has an unknown clutch fault.”

The troubleshooting guide has been implemented on the Australian Clutch Services website under the Clutch Tech technical database that also includes a wide range of installation and diagnostic videos and a variety of information on how a clutch works and technical service bulletins.

The guide incorporates a search function to allow users to jump straight to the correct information for their fault by simply typing in the symptoms the vehicle is displaying. The search function then finds the most likely causes of the fault and displays these for the user to explore.

“We are constantly updating our online catalogue and YouTube page with technical information to assist our customers” says Mr Jordan, “The troubleshooting guide is a great addition to the already expansive database as it allows customers to search for a specific issue and includes a variety of pictures to assist in the diagnosis.”

Diagnosing a vehicle correctly and quickly allows repair business to efficiently repair the vehicle and get it back on the road without the hassle of chasing an unknown cause.

“Diagnosing the correct cause of the issue in the vehicle is vital for a successful repair.” Says Mr Jordan, “We believe the troubleshooting guide will be extremely helpful to mechanics and distributors and will provide a more efficient process for diagnosis.”

As clutch technology constantly evolves, it is important to ensure that the technical information is updated to provide the latest specifications for new products in the market. We have developed the troubleshooting guide with this in mind and have included diagnostic support for some of the latest products to enter the market.

For more information about the ACS range of products or the Clutch Tech support database, please email To visit the ACS Troubleshooting Guide, please click here.

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