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ACS utilises computerised testing equipment to evaluate clutch performance.

OE and aftermarket companies often rely on ACS to give them technical information regarding failure or warranty diagnosis.

With a fully equiped workshop, ACS has the ability to provide data on clutch pressure plate pedal effort, bearing load, pressure plate lift and diaphragm run out.

ACS also has the resources and machinery to check for release travel, both with Push and Pull-Type Clutch Kits up to 430mm in diameter. 

  • ACS can dynamically test the clamping force to obtain a greater understanding of the load throughout the life of the clutch.
  • ACS can test the bearing load to see how this changes as a clutch wears.
  • Check the lift characteristics of any pressure plate and check the parallelism of the pressure plate as it lifts.
  • Check new and partially worn characteristics of the lift and bearing load to understand how these change as the clutch wears.
  • Set conformity standards for which each product number must comply to for checking before sale.



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